BTS Play Water Games In Run BTS

  • 2023.05.26
  • BTS
BTS Play Water Games In Run BTS

When BTS play games, they do whatever it takes to win. Sometimes, that means kicking friendship to the curb! In an Episode of Run BTS! BTS plunged down a sky-high water slide and were catapulted into the air. They also tackled a slippery obstacle course. The goal of the game was to get this ball to the finish line. To keep Suga from catching it, Jin pushed Suga away. He pinned Suga and hollered for his teammates to hurry! The next game is a bath relay game. They have to play rock-paper-scissors and the winner attacks the loser with water, the one who attacks three times first wins. Then they have to fill the glass pipe with water using a towel and save the duck. And then one person in the team dives and is timed. Really the best part about this whole game is the slow motion camera they use to show the members splashing each other. It’s a little bit like watching bay watch but silly BTS style. Check out this video to see more of BTS playing water games in Run BTS.

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