Classical Musicians React: NewJeans ‘OMG’ vs ‘Ditto’

  • 2023.02.11
  • BTS
Classical Musicians React: NewJeans ‘OMG’ vs ‘Ditto’

Welcome to the 11th reaction video of Season 6 of this series: Classical Musicians React to NewJeans’ ‘OMG’ & ‘Ditto’ MVs. English and Korean subtitles coming soon!

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▶️ Watch Ditto:

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0:00 OMG introduction
1:29 OMG MV reaction
8:08 MV/song message
10:36 Why this song *works*
12:05 Percussion
13:42 Ditto introduction
14:32 Ditto MV reaction
10:18 Nervous energy of the track
22:08 MV mesage
23:18 NewJeans’ sound
24:05 Ditto’s bittersweet loneliness
27:27 Comparing OMG vs Ditto
28:57 Up Next!
29:05 The Kim Joo-hun effect