Hobi And Namjoon Ask Yoongi To ‘Marry’ Them | Story Time

  • 2022.11.23
  • BTS
Hobi And Namjoon Ask Yoongi To ‘Marry’ Them | Story Time

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On November 22, 2022, BANGTANTV and Weverse uploaded a new installment of “Run BTS” Special Episode. Each member was tasked to be a live streamer in this episode, while the other boys will be their active viewers.

The mission was to do their activity while engaging with the audience at the same time. First up was Jungkook, who played the drums for his viewers. Just like any regular BTS Livestream, the rest of the members tried to get JK’s attention.

Jungkook listened to his tutor attentively, but he had a hard time focusing on the live chat with his audience. While the other boys complained in the live chat about Jungkook’s lack of communication, Hobi had a different idea in mind.

Instead of writing the usual line that ARMY writes on live chats like “Please notice me,” Hobi wrote “Yoongi marry me.” But why did Hobi write “Yoongi marry me” on Jungkook’s Livestream? Well, that’s because he knows ARMY too well

The fandom asks Yoongi to marry them even though Yoongi is not present on a particular Livestream. The “Yoongi marry me” is such a phenomenon that ARMY had been holding proposal banners to BTS’s concerts for years.

As it turns out, Hobi wasn’t the only one who asked “Yoongi marry me” in the latest “Run BTS” episode. Another 94-liner, Namjoon, was also proposing to his fellow “Rap Line” member.

This time, however, Namjoon took it up a notch and wote it during Yoongi’s Livestream. So, who’s going to win Yoongi’s hand in marriage? Namjoon or Hobi? I think it’s safe to say that the one who proposed to Yoongi face to face and gets a nod is the ultimate winner.

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it!


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