Taejin / JinV: Taejin secret moments 💕

  • 2022.11.12
  • BTS
Taejin / JinV: Taejin secret moments 💕

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Hello hello this video is about recent taejin moments in bangtan bomb of their photofolio shooting sketch. I was not surprised to see they were not interacting at all but definitely there were some hiddens and secret moments for which taejin is known for lol so I added all those moments that I have noticed, they and of course all those of taejin photos in the group version of the folio. The rest of the video is about their reaction to the photofolio and again taejin did not interacted that much but again there was something which I wanted to show so I added too all of that. I miss Taejin a lot though.

Hope you like the video and enjoy it.

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