jimin’ s busan satoori (dialect) jumping out | don’t make the busan boy angry

  • 2022.11.05
  • BTS
jimin’ s busan satoori (dialect) jumping out | don’t make the busan boy angry

why do i lowkey love it everytime Jimin starts getting mad/annoyed and his inner busan boy jumps out? haha


00:00 intro
00:12 comment shoutout
00:21 what is “satoori”?
00:46 BTS 구오즈 만다꼬 ㅡㅅㅡ
01:19 Run BTS EP.71
01:30 Run BTS EP.142
01:44 BTS Gayo track 3
02:08 Run BTS EP. 24
02:32 Run BTS EP.54
02:47 Jimin Enters
03:07 Run BTS EP.114
03:20 Run BTS EP.64
03:45 Run BTS EP.112
04:45 BTS Season’s greetings 2022
04:49 BTS 구오즈 만다꼬 ?ㅡ?
05:56 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jimin is on the phone with Ms.A.R.M.Y. 
06:54 Run BTS EP.47
07:31 호비랑 놀자 🎂
08:11 Run BTS EP.30
08:29 Run BTS EP.37
08:43 Run BTS EP.114
09:06 Run BTS EP.87
09:38 Run BTS EP.45
09:57 Run BTS EP. 133
10:21 Run BTS EP.53
10:26 Run BTS EP.36
10:36 Run BTS EP.34
10:44 Run BTS EP.143
10:54 Jimin concert
11:07 IG story shoutout
11:26 outro

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↪emojis :
koala: Namjoon (RM)
hamster : Seokjin (Jin
cat: Yoongi (SUGA)
squirrel: Hoseok (J-hope)
chick: Jimin
tiger: Taehyung (V)
bunny: Jungkook

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