Taejin / JinV: Taehyung’s love declaration on social media for his Seokjin hyung 💜

  • 2022.10.31
  • BTS
Taejin / JinV: Taehyung’s love declaration on social media for his Seokjin hyung 💜

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Hello!! How are you all?? As I said there is nothing new taejin moments in the video except two recent one. Honestly I couldn’t be able to decide what to post these days, of course there are many taejin topics to make videos on but idk since June I don’t feel like before. Anyway maybe I won’t stay active like before to post taejin videos but I will, I will not stop. Taejin makes me happy and I will stay with them until the end. As we all know Seokjin revealed in his recent live that BE was supposed to be the last album before they go so I decided to go back to that time to see all those taejin interactions in new way, there were many moments but what I focused on was Taehyung’s smile.

I do hope you enjoy the video.

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