The never ending CHAOS of BTS

  • 2022.10.26
  • BTS
The never ending CHAOS of BTS

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hi, i’m back from buying some milk. in this video i’m focusing on recent bts chaotic and funny moments from their concerts, especially from busan and their recent activities like live broadcast, and the fact music award. it’s been a while since i make a video like this, i hope it’s not too sloppy and i hope you enjoy 🙂

i made this video through the long hours of editing done by myself on adobe premiere pro. this video is also transformative in nature, heavily edited with sound effects, background musics, video effects and transitions, visual text commentaries, written and moving subtitles, and more. all were selected and added carefully by myself, thus creating a distinctive alternation of the original clips. all falling under “fair use” by adding significant comedic and entertaining value.

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