Hobi Changes ‘Cypher 3’ Lyrics In BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Busan Concert To Current Mindset | Story Time

  • 2022.10.17
  • BTS
Hobi Changes ‘Cypher 3’ Lyrics In BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Busan Concert To Current Mindset | Story Time

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Idols would either ignore the haters, respond to them, or resort to legal actions. As for BTS, they share their thoughts regarding the matter through their lyrics.

BTS’s Rap Line is legendary for dissing their haters in their tracks. When you spend a lot of time and effort on your work and see people not validating your worth — it hurts.

While idols are expected to have tougher skin than regular people, we cannot erase the fact that they have feelings too. And when that feeling becomes too much for them to handle, they fight back through their platform.

That said, BTS Rap Line’s “Cypher Pt. 3: KILLER” hits back at haters and criticizes the Korean hip-hop artist scene. “Cypher Pt. 3: KILLER” was released back in 2014 from BTS’s album Dark & Wild.

Despite Hobi’s “Sunshine” personality, his lyrics are mostly deep and complex. But he made some adjustments to his verse during their recently concluded concert in Busan.

Hobi showed his current thoughts about the same scenario, and it revealed his emotional growth. While 2014 Hobi had no problem calling haters some tough words that they deserve, 2022 Hobi shows maturity and wisdom.

In his original “Cypher Pt. 3: KILLER” lyrics, Hobi raps, “…and wherever you go, you find all the losers of hip-hop.” During BTS Yet To Come concert in Busan, Hobi changes it to, “…and wherever you go, you find those going through their immature days.”

Instead of calling their haters “losers,” Hobi now see them as people who need time to grow.

In another line, Hobi changes his lyrics from “Our positions are proportional, you should be too busy to slander me” to “Our positions are exceptional, too busy to be slandered by you.”

In the original lyrics, Hobi tells the haters to do something with their time instead of damaging his reputation with false spoken statements. In the revised version, Hobi is saying that BTS is too busy to even mind such character assassination.

Hobi took things up a notch and totally discarded his original lyrics in one of the lines and replaced them with those from his Jack in the Box title track, “MORE.”

Original: “But when I feel a bait, I bite, all the Unnis call me Pippi”
Revised: “I’m thirsty, surfin’ on the beat, a fish swimming in water”

Hobi also replaced South Korea with Busan in one of the lines, to give a shout-out to the place where the concert was held. Finally, Hobi made one of the lines broader and dedicated it to a bigger crowd rather than just to his fellow rappers.

Original: “all the rap Mansiks, look who’s on top of you now”
Revised: “all the people out there, look who’s on top of you now”

With BTS’s popularity growing worldwide, Hobi knows that haters are also growing from every corner. Meaning, his fellow rappers are not the only ones dragging them down right now, but even those who are outside the industry.

Hobi changing the lyrics to his 2022 mindset is such a king move.

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it!


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