How Long Until the Final Decision on BTS’ Military Exemption? | Shocking Details by Gov’t Officials

  • 2022.10.10
  • BTS
How Long Until the Final Decision on BTS’ Military Exemption? | Shocking Details by Gov’t Officials

S. Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism along with the Military Manpower Administration got grilled by lawmakers on the side of BTS Army. But when will the final decision be made and what are the criteria for a law to be passed to expand artist exemptions to pop idols?

Believe it or not, the narrow-minded director of the Military Manpower Administration says pop music has no lasting value. It’s his own personal opinion that he’s now using to direct national policy. According to him, the fine arts last decades so it has larger value to the nation. Want to tell him and other politicians that they’re full of it? Check out the list below for all the social media handles and websites of key figures. It’s time for the Global BTS Army to flood them with messages!

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Good Politicians in Favor of BTS’ Military Exemption:

Seol Hoon, National Assemblyman, National Defense Committee (설훈 국회 국방위원)

Kim Young-bae, National Assemblyman, National Defense Committee
(김영배 국회 국방위원)

Sung Il-jong, National Assemblyman, National Defense Committee
(성일종 국회 국방위원원)

Bad Politicians Against BTS’ Military Exemption:

Lee Ki-shik, Director of the Military Manpower Administration
(이기식 병무청장)

Park Bo-gyoon, Culture Sports and Tourism Minister
(박보균 문체부 장관)

Han Ki-ho, National Assemblyman, National Defense Committee
(한기호 국회 국방위원)

Shin Won-shik, National Assemblyman, National Defense Committee
신원식 국회 국방위원

President Yoon Suk Yeol

Ministry of National Defense

There are politicians for and against from BOTH major political parties so send your thoughts to BOTH of them!

The Minjoo Party (Liberal)

People Power’s Party (Conservative)

0:00 Introduction
4:00 Who Determines Qualifications for Artist Exemptions from the Military
5:30 What the Culture Minister Said
6:25 What the Public Opinion Surveys Said
8:19 Mob Rule?
9:16 What the Lawmakers are Saying
10:30 Why International BTS Army Has a Say
12:12 The Hypocrisy! Pop Music Has No Long-Term Value?
12:45 Who is the Military Manpower Administration Director?
14:20 Why This is a Broken Record
15:00 Who’s Ignoring K-Culture: Korea’s Soft Power
16:15 How Many Artists Get Military Exemptions Per Year?
17:29 Why Do E-sports and Breakdancing Qualify?
18:00 Where are the Standards to Determine Artistic Value?
20:15 What Matters in Determining Artistic Value?
25:15 Who Made These Ridiculous Arguments Against BTS Military Exemption?
29:00 Who is Twisting the Definition of Fairness?
30:25 How Should We Create Standards to Evaluate Artistic Value?
32:50 What if Lawmakers Make the Wrong Decision?
33:20 Why is the Power of the Global BTS Army Overlooked?
35:20 Massive Support for BTS Matters
35:50 What is This New K-Beauty Trend? | Kahi Multi-Balm Serum Stick Review
40:00 What K-Beauty Product Really Stimulates Collagen?

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