RiVerse Pre-Season Reaction: Run BTS & RM Crying @ FESTA 2022 (Livestream Highlights)

  • 2022.09.15
  • BTS
RiVerse Pre-Season Reaction: Run BTS & RM Crying @ FESTA 2022 (Livestream Highlights)

RiVerse Reacts Season 5 is coming THIS THURSDAY, September 15th @ 8pm EST! Get ready for OT4, back on the couch, with full-length reactions and all the #FashionAndFuckery you love!! We will also have another Post-Premiere livestream, so make sure to tune in!

THANK YOU to everyone who joined RiVerse for our special Pre-Season 5 Live Reactions as we caught up with some of the music we missed during our hiatus!! It was so special to connect with you all in the live chat and learn about some of your faves!

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