Filmmaker Reacts To BTS’s Amazing Music Videos

  • 2022.09.05
  • BTS
Filmmaker Reacts To BTS’s Amazing Music Videos

I’ve consumed so many Music Videos, but somehow I hadn’t sat down to check out the videos from one of the biggest pop bands on the planet right now. So in this video, I’m going to be reacting to a bunch of BTS videos for the first time.

Enjoy 😊

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Chapter Markers:
00:00 – BTS The KPop Superstar Group
00:32 – My First Introduction To a BTS MV
03:37 – 1000s of Cellphones As a Light Source?!
07:41 – This Is The Weird K-Pop I’ve Been Waitng For!
09:07 – What a Crazy Transition
11:25 – The Biggest ‘Set’ In A BTS Video?
13:45 – The Video I’ve Already Seen Before
16:33 – I Badly Wanna Shoot My Own Video In This Location
18:31 – Blowing Up a Car, Cause Why Not
20:57 – The BTS Cinematographer Made a Mistake?!
22:46 – I’m Impressed