BTS: They Are So Adorable | Love Between Fairy and Devil | 苍兰诀 | iQIYI

  • 2022.08.29
  • BTS
BTS: They Are So Adorable | Love Between Fairy and Devil | 苍兰诀 | iQIYI

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【Introduction】Love Between Fairy and Devil is a period Xianxia directed by Yi Zheng (“Young Blood”), starring Esther Yu (“A Writer’s Odyssey”), Dylan Wang (“Phanta City”), with special appearances by Xu Haiqiao (“A Dream of Splendor”), Guo Xiaoting (“Chinese Paladin 3”), and Charles Lin (“Café. Waiting. Love”). This drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, which focuses on the story of the angsty love between the arrogant big devil Dong Fang Qing Cang and the soft and cute little fairy Xiao Lan Hua. The goddess of the Pixin tribe was exterminated by the demon Dongfang Qingcang (played by Dylan Wang), and was reborn as a low-ranking fairy in the heavenly realm ten thousand years later. In order to gain freedom, Dongfang Qingcang has to sacrifice the soul of Xiao Lan Hua to lift the spell seal on his body. In the process, this devil who has broken his love and desperation falls in love with the gentle and lovely Xiao Lan Hua……

【Cast】Esther Yu Shuxin, Dylan Wang Hedi

《Love Between Fairy and Devil》
《Love Between Fairy and Devil Animation》
《I’ve Fallen For You》by Esther Yu
《Love The Way You Are》
《See You Again》
《Love in Time》
《The Day of Becoming You》
《Forever and Ever》
《Sweet Teeth》
《Love Under The Full Moon》
《Make A Wish》
《First Love Again》
《Sweet On》
《Plot Love》
《Light On》
《One And Only》
《My Dear Guardian》
《Arsenal Military Academy》

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